Benefits of having a Maglock

Maglocks or magnetic locks work using electromagnetic waves, making them a very secure option to use in for residential gateways, corporate entrances, or even for your home security. The lock uses the electric current to produce a strong magnetic force, making it impossible to unlock until the right method or access key is used. This happens when the electromagnet and armature plate bond to each other strongly enough that they keep the gate from opening.

Here in this article, we will uncover more benefits of using a maglock. Let’s read along-


No More Lost Keys

Maglock keys are much more advanced than traditional security systems. As a result, it always uses a keypad security system, card readers, scanners, or other ways but not with keys. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting the keys ever again. Also, when there is no need for a key, you don’t have to wait for the other person to open it for you; if you have access, there you go!


Restrict Access to Unauthorized Entities

A maglock does not just save you from the hassle of a key, it also keeps any unauthorized person from entering your property. The maglock is always integrated with some electric security measure such as a fingerprint scanner, a card reader, etc. This way, no trespasser can go through your entrance, and only the authorized personnel can make their way in.


Customized Security Options

A maglock itself offers plenty of features to suit everyone’s needs. For instance, with a maglock, you can choose the amount of locking force you want. A maglock with 1200 pounds of locking force is very good for a driveway gate and a maglock with 600 pounds of force is ideal for an access gate. Depending upon the assets inside, one can choose the force amount. A maglock can be customized further by using additional features like an alarm, a bond sensor, a relocking time delay, and other security conveniences.


Maglocks Save You a Fortune

The worst thing with traditional locks is that they can be broken without much hassle. A break-in surely leaves you into pieces where all your valuables become a thing of the past. Plus, it also makes you clean all the mess that is left behind, along with a lock that needs to be replaced.


Hassle-Free and Quick Installation

A maglock might sound complicated because of using such strong security measures, the electromagnetic field, and all big terms. The reality is, installation of a maglock is always a quick and straightforward process. You just need to choose the maglock that perfectly suits your needs, and everything works while you simply sit back and relax. Trust your work to an automatic gate company such as Advanced Fences to get a quality installation.