Benefits of having an Automatic Driveway Gate

Your house is one of your most valuable assets. Advanced Fences has been installing driveway gates for many years and we have found that our customers mostly have 3 reasons for wanting to install an automatic driveway gate.

Peace of Mind


An automatic driveway gate adds more security and peace of mind. This means no unwanted guests or strangers trespassing your property or driveway area. Having an automatic gate will also keep other vehicles from entering through. Automatic driveway gates keep your property more secure than regular or manual gates. Children and pets tend to explore more things and cross boundaries. With a manual gate, they can easily escape through it and might get into a difficult situation. Also, other pets might cross your boundary and harass your children or pets. An automatic gate can’t be opened like a manual gate until you have the opener. So as being a parent or a pet keeper, it would be a great security feature that will keep them from wandering on the road. Also, don’t forget that an automatic driveway gate ensures safety when you arrive home at late hours and you are concerned about getting out of the car.

Personal Space


Your home is your personal space and many customers want to maximize this living area. Driveway gates can be utilized as a way of expanding your living space. Kids having a driveway to play without fear of strangers bothering them is peace of mind and personal space that parents can appreciate. Parents may want to use the added space from their custom driveway gate that’s been installed as an entertainment area to cook out on holidays or for family gatherings.

Personal Expression


A home is a an expression of one’s self. We have found that customers want to add that Personal Expression to the outside of their home with a custom driveway gate personalized to their taste. There are many materials for driveway gates; you can have beautiful decorative iron driveway gates as well as the custom wood driveway gates as well whichever complements your property to your individual taste. An automatic gate is an investment that increases the prestige and value of your home. All these factors add up when you decide to put your house up for sale and expect a good return on your investment. When you mention to buyers about the house having an automatic driveway gate, it gives them a sense of security and protection which motivates them further to close the deal with you.

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