Wrought Iron Fence and Gate Tips


Iron fence or a wrought iron fence are amazing choices for defining your property. An iron fence is not just timeless but it will last for many years while it maintains that classy and sophisticated look over the years. No doubt that your iron gate will bear all different types of weather conditions. Extreme heat, heavy rainfall and the glare of the sun can take a toll on all types of fence types but wrought iron really holds up very well in Texas. If you maintain your gate and fence, you can keep them looking great for a long time.

Cleaning your Iron Fence and Gate

You need to use a soft cloth and clean it with a mixture of warm water and soap. This cleaning method will remove dust and debris while leaving the paint in good condition. Make sure not to leave soapy water on the gate, or it may interfere with the gate’s color. Rinse it with clean water once you are done. Now, it’s time to use sandpaper or a wire brush if you have any loose paint or rust. Remove the loose paint that is not adhering to the gate or fence. Remove any rust on the fence or gate. It is best to make sure all loose paint and rust are removed.

Repainting your Iron Fence and Gate

Once you have removed any loose paint or rust, it’s time to repaint your beautiful wrought iron fence. However, painting , one should always use a primer as it protects the iron and makes for a better surface for the paint to adhere to.  This will allow for an even and nice painted finish. Buy a primer that is specifically made for an iron fence or gate. Use an appropriate paintbrush and cover all areas of your iron fence and gate with it. When it is dry, you can apply a second coat to help protect your metal fence and gate. It is very important to be thorough because ay missed parts may get rusty or allow corrosion to begin harming the appearance and making fence’s foundation weak later in time.

Preventative Maintenance

Once you have completed the steps above, your fence will look like new again. If you want to cut down on maintenance time, apply a protective coat of car wax to your fence. This wax will save the surface against any scratches or grazes that can potentially cause damage in time. If you have some stubborn areas in your fence which are hard to clean, consider using a hole-cleaning brush. The brush reaches hard to access areas and takes off any dirt or rust from there.


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