Commercial Driveway Gates in Houston

Commercial Iron Slide Gates

Commercial properties must have elevated security, so we often recommend installing a commercial slide gate to ensure that only authorized personnel can access any given section of the property. In addition to keeping unwanted guests at a distance, installing iron slide gates instills extra safety measures and exclusivity, so that businesses can keep their operations confined to their team members and customers on a need-to-access basis. Slide gates are optimal for high traffic areas as they are not prone to breaking down very often. Slide gates can have timers, exit loops and keypads attached to them for better convenience and security for the business they serve. Advanced Fences is the best Houston gate company to install your commercial driveway gates.

Commercial Wood Slide Gates

A commercial wood slide gate is a great option for a condo or gated community. A slide gate provides excellent reliability and a wood driveway gate allows for a community to remain private. Having a wooden slide gate will allow for privacy and also the security that comes with it. Advanced Fences can install access controls, timers, phone systems as well as exit loops and keypads. The wooden slide gate can be matched to an existing fence or some creativity can be incorporated into the design. The Advanced Fences team can design and fabricate just about anything you may have seen as an inspiration for your community entrance gate.

Commercial Chain Link Slide Gate

Many businesses opt for a solution to their security with a chain link slide gate. This allows for extra security as barb wire or razor wire can always be added as an additional security measure. A chain link slide gate is typically lighter in weight than a wooden slide gate or a iron slide gate. Advanced Fences knows that your business has a budget to stick to and we can help with this by building a chain link slide gate for your business. We will be happy to design it to your specifications.

Commercial Iron Swing Gate

Houston has many apartment complexes spread across the city. It is very common for an apartment complex to have iron swing gates. Apartment complexes have traffic coming and going and a commercial swing gate allows for the flexibility of allowing exiting traffic to leave while providing the security of having the entrance gate closed. Each gate acts independently of each other and this allows for greater flexibility. Phone systems provide the convenience for visitors to call in to be allowed access. Exit loops allow for you to exit without having to worry about entering in a code. Safety Loops provide the extra safety to make sure a car does not get struck by a gate that is closing. Advanced Fences can take care of all of these concerns for a business needing a commercial swing gate and more.