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Conroe is a small city in Texas, in the county seat of Montgomery County. It has a population of a little over 90,000 people. Conroe is considered one of the fastest developing cities in the US, today. It is populated mostly by families and young professionals.

Brief History

Conroe was named after the man who established it in 1881, after the American Civil War. Isaac Conroe, Union Cavalry officer, and Houston lumberman. Isaac Conroe established a sawmill in the otherwise scarcely populated, forested area. Soon, a post office was also established. More industries and mills attracted people to come and settle in the area. It was originally called ‘Conroe’s Switch, which was shortened to ‘Conroes’ and then finally, the modern day ‘Conroe.’ To explore the history of Conroe, further, you can visit the Heritage Museum of Montgomery County, or the Isaac Conroe Home, both of which serve as important historical sites and host several events to commemorate the city’s history on its Founders Day.

Nature’s Bliss in Conroe

The climate here is subtropical, very true to Texas. The winters here are mild and moderate whereas the summers tend to be hot. Like any suburban town, Conroe is largely covered with foliage. It is located at the edge of the East Texas Piney Woods. The San Jacinto river drains the entire city. Of the Piney Woods, the W. Goodrich Jones State forest was bought by the city. It serves as recreation and research to the people. With its huge lake, forested areas, parks, and greenery within the city, Conroe is surely a veritable paradise for nature lovers.

Things to Do in Conroe

Owing to its rich natural cover, there are many outdoor activities to do in Conroe. You can go kayaking, canoeing, or jet-skiing at Lake Conroe, or just spend a relaxing day there fishing and soaking in the sun with your family.  You can also rent out hydro-flight equipment near the lake. There is also the Lone Star Hiking Trail, which is called the Jewel of Texas, for a fun hike on a warm day. You can also go on a special Geocaching treasure hunt, or go birdwatching in one of Conroe’s numerous parks.

Conroe is also heaven for lovers of the arts and crafts. The Crighton and Owen Theatres regularly show live productions of famous Broadway shows. The Madeley Building houses paintings and sculptures by local talent. Besides this, the Conroe Art League, a nonprofit, hosts workshops, classes, and exhibitions for artists. Downtown Conroe also has several upscale restaurants and pubs to enjoy a night out. You can also ensure a good time in Conroe’s many clubs and breweries.

Conroe is a great place to live or to visit for its numerous attractions. It has both public and private schools that are highly rated. Recently, St Thomas University established a mini campus in Conroe. It is the perfect blend of suburban peace and starry city life.