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Cypress is an unincorporated area in Texas. It is part of Harris County and falls under Houston jurisdiction. Cypress used to be a largely rural area, but large-scale development has turned it into one of the largest suburban communities in the country. It is also sometimes referred to as Cy-Fair, denoting Cypress-Fairbanks.


Before the coming of German settlers in the 1840s, the area was inhabited by Atakapa tribes. They settled along with the land and began to practice agriculture. Some of the lands were already being ranched by Englishmen.

For a long time, Cypress was a rural, agricultural community. Its first school was built in 1884, in a one-room space. Development came to Cypress in the 1990s, when developers sought to bring urbanization to Cypress by turning it into a master planned community.

The town still holds on to its German heritage. We see this in the naming of its neighborhoods, like Telge Roads, Huffmeister Road, and Matzke Elementary.


Cypress does not have any consolidated boundaries, since it is an unincorporated area. The northern area in Cypress is largely forested, while the southern area has grassy land. All in all, one can vouch for the soothing, green, leafy landscape that the city provides.

It has a mix of public and private schools. Some of the most famous schools in Cypress are private. The Lone Star CyFair Community College is also located here.

The climate is subtropical, true to Texas, with mild winters and hot summers.

Things to Do

There is no shortage of fun in Cypress. You can explore the rich history of the area at the Cypress Top Historic Park, of which the Cypress Historical Society provides tours. It also has a lot of research that it will share with you at the Darline Roth Research Library.

Cypress has several parks and nature reserves. Visit the Kickerilo Mischer Preserve, Kube Park, or the Kleb Woods Nature Preserve to enjoy a day in the lap of nature, birdwatching, or hiking with friends or family. They also make for great picnic spots. The Meyer Park has a pond that is perfect for fishing, or a peaceful boat ride.

Children can have fun at the Little Beakers Science Lab for Kids, Wet and Wild Splash Town, or the Interactive Theater Company.

There also several stores and retail outlets in malls in Cypress, along with restaurants, bars, and cafes for a day out.

Cypress is one of America’s biggest and most affluent residential areas. It is the perfect place for any family looking to lead a quiet life with the bustle of the city at arm’s reach.