Digital Keypads

Telephone Entry Systems

When a guest arrives at your gate there is no better way to communicate with them and to get the job done than using a high-quality telephone entry system. Advanced Fences offers wireless phone entry systems that allow you complete control of your gate communication. Several of our products allow you to use a wireless cloud-based solution, eliminating the need to install a dedicated telephone line just for your gates. The systems we install can operate multiple gates if you have several entrances around your property. Being able to communicate with visitors at your gate entrances is always important regardless of if you have a business or residence. We sell only reliable telephone entry systems.

Elika 460 Wireless Telephone Entry System

Liftmaster Capxl Access Control Telephone System

DKS 1837

Digital Keypads & Proximity Card Readers

Wireless keypads for electric gates allow an easy and affordable method of controlling access to your property. Keyless entry systems can be located practically anywhere around your entry way, and it will communicate with your driveway gate or access gate remotely. Advanced Fences offers a variety of keypads with password options that can be programmed for residents of a gated community or visitors and employees of a business location. Keypad authorization ensures safety of your location due to authorized employees, residents and guests being granted exclusive access to your site. Keypads can be used in many applications to suit your needs.

Liftmaster KPW250

Liftmaster KPW 5

Liftmaster 877Max

Proximity card readers are a great choice for many businesses desiring to have access control to their location. A proximity card reader is a security measure people must encounter when trying to enter a access point to a business. To gain entry with a proximity card reader, the user must have a proximity card that is programmed to the proximity reader with them to be able to enter through an access gate or automatic driveway gate. Proximity cards and readers use RFID technology to communicate wirelessly to the access gate system, with authorization data encoded. Proximity readers are a great option for commercial properties as they can be programmed to meet the required needs of a particular business facility. Schedule an appointment with Advanced Fences to discuss digital keypad and proximity card readers for the right solution for your business.

Linear AK-11 Digital Keypad

Linear AM-PR Proximity Reader

LiftMaster Passport PPRO Proximity Card Reader