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Katy is a small city in the Greater Houston metropolitan area of Texas. It lies in the tripoint of Harris County, Waller County, and Fort Bend. Katy is a highly urbanized area and has seen rapid growth since the 90s. The population is a little over 21,000, as of 2019.


Katy was initially known as ‘Cane Island’ owing to its large plantation of tall cane trees. Incidentally, these trees were not native to Katy but had been brought by either Karankawa Indians or Spanish explorers.

In 1896, the town was established. It derives its name from the MKT Railroad Company. MKT refers to Missouri-Kansas-Texas. The pronounced KT sound developed into ‘Katy’ and the name stuck.

Katy was later developed as a railway town. Many families started filtering in after the 1900s. Many people took advantage of the fertile soil and started agriculture. Rice became the principal crop. In 1945, Katy was designated a municipality. The residents of Katy believe it to be a proper, rural town that is a traditional community for families.


Katy is located within Greater Katy, which is an extremely urban area. Katy lies somewhere in the middle; it is an urbanized area with a rural feel. Katy has managed to hold onto its agricultural roots amid industrial development. The summers here are mostly hot and winters mild. The pleasant weather all year round is pleasing.

The homes in Katy range from the rural ranch style, to older architecture, and modern houses and apartments. There is a lush green cover over most of the town. There are also several parks in every neighborhood. Cinco Ranch, Kelliwood, and Seven Meadows are the important, upscale neighborhoods in Katy. They are branded by resort-style living with large houses, swimming pools, and golf courses.

Katy is home to several big and small businesses. Katy is known for its great schooling facilities; most schools have an ‘A’ rating.  Katy is served by the Houston Community Colleges.

Things to Do

To enjoy Katy at its best, one must visit its parks and nature reserves for a long walk or a bike trail. The Mary Jo Peckham park even has a huge fishing pond. The Willow Fork Park is known for the many butterflies that visit its garden and can be seen by many people.

You can also explore the rich history of the area at the MKT Railroad Museum, the Katy Heritage Park, and shop at antique shops for memorabilia.

Katy also has public movie nights and live music concerts in their parks. Many restaurants also provide a live environment. There are more than 50 eateries in Katy, and all of them promise a night of fun and a great culinary experience.

There is also plenty for kids to do, with the parks, playgrounds, skating rinks, basketball and football fields, escape rooms, and food truck nights for the entire family to indulge in.

Katy stays true to its town motto - Small Town Charm with Big City Convenience. It has been home to many big names, including Renee Zellweger, Andy Dalton, Clint Black, and Rodney Anderson. It is a fast-growing area with increasing popularity.