Loop systems, although more common for commercial gates in Houston, are becoming increasingly desired for residential gates, and for good reason.

When you drive your car up to a gate and it automatically opens in front of you or closes behind you, a built-in loop system may be responsible. There are different types of loop systems that may be installed for residential and commercial driveway gates.

Exit Loop

An exit loop is responsible for opening a driveway gate for exiting drivers. It ensures it remains open until the driver has safely exited the residential or commercial property.

Wand Sensor

A wand sensor is also utilized for exiting drivers. It detects moving cars within a 12-foot radius to provide enough clearance.

Safety Loop

When the loop is located on the outside of a driveway gate, this ensures the gate remains open all the way for maximized safety.

Shadow Loop

If the loop is located underneath a swing gate, then this system keeps the gate active at the open limit until the driver has safely passed it.

With many loop systems for different purposes, it can be difficult to determine which is best for your particular residential or commercial gate. If you are interested in having a loop system installed, our fencing experts at Advanced Fences will carefully evaluate your property in order to help you determine the safest, most suitable solution for you.