At Advanced Fences, we are all too familiar with Houston’s weather and how it affects the many backyard and front yard home fences and automatic driveway gates, as well as the many commercial fences and gates found throughout our city.

Houston’s climate is the reason why we see many weathered, dull fences throughout different neighborhoods. Our bright sun, scorching heat, and rain (especially during the hurricane season) are all responsible for quickly wearing down ornate wrought iron fences and gates as well as wood fences, access gates, and breezeway gates. Their constant exposure to these natural elements causes commercial gates and home fences to appear faded, bleached, or rusted. Unfortunately, these washed-out fences are not as secure and detract from the beauty of the homes and workplaces they protect, as well as the neighborhoods they are found in.

Whether you are a homeowner, a commercial property owner, or both, we understand that you want your entire property to look appealing and well taken care of, and not just the inside. After all, first impressions matter and the first impression others will have stems from their view of the exterior of your property. If you find that your Houston home gate or commercial fence are weathered down by the climate, we will gladly restore their appearance and increase their longevity to ensure both their security and aesthetic appeal are impeccable.

We offer a wide range of restoration services for both wood and ornamental wrought iron gates or fences. All of our expert restoration techniques help shield a multitude of different gates and fences from the sun, repel water, enhance their color, and fortify the security and functionality they offer. By trusting Advanced Fences, you will avoid early, costly replacement and rest assured that only the right materials and techniques are utilized on your gates and fences.

Ornamental Iron Fence and Gate Maintenance

Ornamental iron gates are a favorite here in Houston for both residential and commercial properties because of their durability. A high-quality iron gate or fence can last for several years, but all iron fences, even high-quality ones, will fall victim to rust. This is especially true in Houston due to the city’s climate. If you find rust on your iron gate or fence, then, unfortunately, its durability and longevity may have been compromised. However, you may not need a replacement just yet.

At Advanced Fences in Houston, we are able to provide regular preventive maintenance, repairs, and inspection for your iron gate or fence to ensure it does not succumb to rust. We use safe, high-quality materials that ensure your fence can continue to look its best, regardless of the climate. In addition to rust removal, we also offer hinge repair, welding repair, and paint services so your iron fences and gates uphold our standard for high quality.

Wood Fences

Wood fences and gates are well-favored in Houston because they are a viable, economical option. However, they also require attentive maintenance and restoration to ensure they look and function as intended. A well-fabricated and installed wood fence or gate will last a long time, but they are subject to rotting and weathering, which impair their functionality and reduces privacy and security. In order to avoid this, our team provides expert restoration and maintenance with high-quality materials. If your gate or fence is run-down, you can entrust our experts to successfully restore its integrity by providing hinge replacement and adjustment, post replacement, cap replacement, picket replacement, and framing repair.

Repair and Maintenance Services We Offer at Advanced Fences

In addition to fabricating gates and fences onsite and installing them along with their respective access controls, we also repair and service the following.

Gate Hinge Replacement

Gate Operator Repair

Post Reset and/or Replacement

Privacy Modifications

Welding Services

Picket Topper Replacement

Swing Gate

Sliding Gate

Barrier Arm Gate Opener

Wrought Iron Fence Services

Emergency service Fence Touch-ups/rust removal Welding Gate hinge replacement/adjustment Picket topper replacement Privacy adjustments Post reset/replacement Deep cleaning

Automatic Driveway Gate Services

Emergency service Control board replacement Control arm repair/replacement Radio receiver replacement Battery replacement Solar panel repair/replacement Operator installation/repair/replacement Remote/keypad repair and reprogram Automatic driveway gate loop repair/replacement Welding Telephone entry Automatic gate touch-ups/rust removal

Wood Gate and Fence Services

Wood gate hinge replacement Wood post replacement/reset Privacy modifications Wood gate rehang Wood fence and wood fate touch-up Wood fence and wood gate staining Replacement picket toppers