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Richmond is a small city in Texas. It is the county seat of Fort Bend County. Located within the Houston-Sugar Land metropolitan area, it is an up-and-coming urban space with all the feel of a suburban landscape. As of 2019, its population is a little over 12000 people. The area is mostly inhabited by families and working professionals.


Richmond, Texas was named after Richmond in England. It was first established by members of the ‘Old Three Hundred’, who received titles and land under Stephen Fuller Austin. People began to settle around the Brazos river near a fort. The fort became popular and was later named Fort Bend. The locals also refer to it as Fort Settlement.

However, the community was evacuated in 1836, but then re-established later by Robert Eden Handy and William Lusk. Richmond was one of the very first towns to be integrated into the Republic of Texas.

Richmond has been home to some of the most prominent and celebrated citizens of Texas, including Jane Long, who is popularly referred to as the ‘Mother of Texas’, Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar, President of the Republic of Texas, and Erastus Smith, who was an important part of the Texas Revolution.

Richmond’s Climatic Conditions

The climate in Richmond is a subtropical kind, typical to Texas. Richmond sees hot, humid summers and mild winters. It has a large forest cover and springtime is especially green. The Houston Chronicle refers to Richmond as a beautiful place full of oak trees and colorful houses. There are several parks and gardens scattered all over the city. The ranching town-like environment makes for a great experience that seeks to club the urbanism of Houston with the suburban feel of old Texas.

Things to Do

To delve into the rich history of Texas, and especially Richmond, you can visit the George Ranch Historical Park that has an amazing display of the history of the town, shown through educational tours and special events. This can be a great day for you and your little ones. You can also visit the Fort Bend Museum which contains artifacts from a long historical period. The house of John M. Moore is open for public viewing as a historical site.

Richmond also has a huge array of restaurants, breweries, clubs, and wineries for you to choose from. You can choose to unwind and have a relaxing day with friends in the city in any of these places. Downtown Houston is also less than an hour away from here, so you can also make a short drive to visit the attractions there.

Richmond is a great place to live with its close-knit community, suburban landscape, and fun city life. It is the perfect blend of urban lifestyle in an old-style space and will be a treat for anyone with a taste for nature and history.