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Located in Houston, Texas, Spring is a census-designated place. It falls under Harris county. It encompasses both Old Town Spring, located north of Houston, just outside Beltway 8, and a larger area comprising parts of North Harris and South Montgomery. Spring is a small town with a population of just over 50,000 with a tight-knit community.

The Growth of Spring as a Popular City

Spring began as a small settler community with German immigrants who practiced small-scale agriculture. The population also grew over time. From a farm-based community, it grew to an industrial area within a few decades. In the 1960s and 1990s, it became the site for the Goodyear ship America. Its takeoffs, landings, and activities became a massive attraction, and by the 1980s, Spring had become a tourist area.

The Climate Spring Experiences

Spring is green and lush all year round. It has a large plant cover and is surrounded by shrubberies and greenery. The subtropical climate only adds to this since it helps foster an environment that promotes the growth of trees and plants. Spring usually has hot and humid summers and very mild winters. It also experiences good rainfall. To beat the heat, there is the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown, a huge water park located in the town that is visited often by locals. The afternoon is usually a beautiful experience with families and friends when you can enjoy several water rides.

The Beauty of Spring

It is also home to the Spring Creek Greenway, which is the largest forested greenway in the USA. Stretching over 40 miles, it is a favorite for trek enthusiasts, bikers, and birdwatchers. You can spot eagles, salamanders, and gray foxes in the forest. Spring also has a dedicated wildlife park – the TGR Exotic Wildlife Park, where one can see hyenas, deer, sloths, gibbons, and caracals among others.

The Marvelous Things You Can Do in Spring

Spring also has some small wineries. You must keep the wine tasting tour on your schedule. Old Town Spring is a small cluster of shops, galleries, and restaurants, frequented by people of all ages. The old-timey vintage look of the buildings also makes for a very pleasing sight. Old Town Spring also has a Ghost Walk for supernatural enthusiasts, with a tour of all its rumored haunted sights. There is also a museum dedicated to the oldest African American community in Harris county.

Notably, Spring has been home to many famous personalities, including actors Jim Parsons and Greg Baldwin, MLB pitcher Josh Beckett, multiple Olympic Gold medalist Chad Hedrick, and musician Lyle Lovett.

Spring is noted for its friendly inhabitants and environment of unity. It is a town with a diverse population, with a harmonious community. Moreover, the crime rate is exceptionally low. There are both public and private schools. There’s also a community college. Amenities are located at short distances from each other. Most places are accessible on foot and the green landscape only ensures a lovely pedestrian experience. Spring is a beautiful old town with all the comforts of a city. It is a great place to live or to visit to enjoy its multiple attractions and scenic view.