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Tomball is a small city in Harris County northwest of Houston, Texas. It is considered one of the best places to live in the country and boasts of a pristine, friendly environment that is welcoming to all people. The site makes up for a suburban dream filled with all the pleasures of city life. The population in Tomball is just a little over 11,000 people.

Brief History

In 1907, a small community called Peck was named Tomball after Thomas Henry Ball. He was an important Texan politician and much of the development of Port of Texas is owed to him.

Tomball was first settled by Germans who built ranches and started farming in the area. The climatic conditions and fertile soil made it the perfect place to settle down. Even today, Tomball holds on to its strong German connection.

Over time, railroads came to Tomball which increased its popularity among settlers. A large oil field was found here which led to several industries vying for an opportunity to set up camp here. This was the main reason behind the boom in Tomball’s population.

A Nature Lover’s Delight

Tomball is through and through a paradise for lovers of nature. The neighborhoods have a great, leafy landscape complete with greenery and shrubbery. It makes for a wonderful visual and spiritual experience. On a good summer day, you can lounge out and enjoy the foliage.

Besides this, there are several parks and forested areas around. The Theis Attaway Nature Centre has a four-acre nature preserve. There are also several places with bike and walking trails. The NorthShore Park has a lake that you can relax around or engage in water-based activities with.

The subtropical climate of Tomball, with hot summers and mild winters, is also a great addition, which makes sure the town is beautiful and green all year long.

Things to Do

Tomball lies near Houston ensures that you can visit the big city anytime you want. However, there is no dearth of attractions in Tomball either.

Tomball takes pride in its German heritage, and you can explore it fully at the Tomball Museum Centre that exhibits old houses and buildings to take you back into Tomball’s rich past. You can also look at vintage items and artifacts at the Museum and the Tomball Depot. Tomball also hosts a biennial German Heritage Festival with contests, food, dance, and singing. It is a great opportunity for the entire town to come together. It is held for German exchange students from Tomball’s sister city Telgte in Germany.

Besides this, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs in Downtown Tomball. With its art galleries, golf courses, shopping esplanades, and craft breweries, there is too much in Tomball for you to ever be bored.

Tomball is a great place to live, which offers you comfort with style, in a well-knit community that values its history and heritage. It is heaven for a nature lover, and equally so for people who prefer the luxuries of city life.