To some, a fence is just a fence and a gate is just a gate; they are simply a way to outline a residential or commercial property. However, to us at Advanced Fences in Houston, a fence and a gate are far more than that. We believe that wood fences, iron fences, and driveway gates should serve as a means for personal security, personal space, and a personal statement.

Peace of Mind

We uphold our reputation by utilizing strong, durable materials when we fabricate our gates. Doing so helps us give you peace of mind that the safety of your residential or commercial property will not be compromised.

Personal Space

We truly believe that enjoying improved security also allows for home-owners to enjoy their space to the fullest with their loved ones, and we are proud to help create that dedicated space for you.

Self Expression

In addition to providing personal security and space, we encourage our clients to have fun with their gates and fences and turn them into a special personal statement. A breezeway gate, driveway gate, or home fence doesn't need to be dull and identical to others. Whether you are in need of a customized quality fence for your residential or commercial property, our team will make your vision come true so that your safety and personal space can also express your uniqueness, affordably.


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