Automatic Driveway Gates

Houston Automatic Gates

When it comes to Houston residential driveway gates, we design unique automatic gates and ornamental iron gates that keep families safe, while simultaneously making their homes all the more appealing and welcoming. We understand that families put a lot of time and thought into their homes, and our custom residential gates and fences offer the perfect finishing touch, as well as the security that all residents need and deserve. Small children and pets are curious sometimes, and may wander away from the home, but a high-quality custom fence and/or gate like those we design and install help to ensure they remain safe. Advanced Fences is the trusted gate company so many Houston residents choose for their Automatic Driveway Gate.

Automatic Swing Driveway Gates

Houston driveway gates are a popular investment and are another means by which families add safety and personality to their homes. As the first thing visitors and residents see, driveway gates should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also offer substantial security and peace of mind for the family that lives beyond the gate. Our customized automatic driveway gates offer the perfect welcome while also promising home security, maximum privacy, a barrier between residents and unwelcome guests, and valuable curb appeal that meets homeowners’ tastes and preferences. Call Advanced Fences, the premier Houston gate company to discuss your project.

Custom Driveway Gates

A custom wood driveway gate is a great way to show personal expression. Your custom driveway gate can provide excellent reliability and also allows for better privacy. The wooden swing gate can be matched to an existing fence or the Advanced Fences team can design and fabricate just about anything you may have seen as an inspiration for your driveway gate. Our team can install keypads, timers, mag lock or MYQ as available options. Give Advanced Fences a call to see what we can design for you.

Automatic Slide Driveway Gates

The layout of a property can dictate what kind of driveway gate is best. When a client has space for a slide driveway gate and does not necessarily have the space in front or behind the gate for a swing driveway gate, we often recommend installing a custom slide driveway gate. In addition to keeping unwanted guests at a distance, slide driveway gates are optimal as they are not prone to breaking down very often. Automatic driveway gates can have timers, exit loops and keypads attached to them for better convenience and security bringing peace of mind and added convenience.