Pro and Cons of Solar Powered Driveway Gates

These days with technological advancements, there are many kinds of driveway gates available to choose from. It’s not just the typical manual entrances that people used to deal with in the past. From remotely operated to solar-powered, automatic driveway gates are innovated by the latest technology.

The solar-powered driveway gates, for example, are a nice addition to add to your entrance. They are powered by solar power, and hence they are more eco-friendly than the alternatives. The solar-powered gate opener does the job efficiently and eco friendly as well.

However, as everything solar has downsides as well. Here we bring you all the possible pros and cons of the driveway gates that receive power from the sun. Let’s proceed to them.


Pros of Installing a Driveway Gate

Save Money on Electricity.

Since they are solar-charged, they relieve you on the electricity bill. By installing a solar-powered entrance, you take their electricity bill to almost zero.

It Works Even When There is No Electricity.

The solar-powered gates need no electricity, and hence you can operate them even when there is no power. It is rare to have a power outage in urban areas, but even if there is,

you don’t have to operate your gates manually.

You Become More Eco-Friendly.

Doesn’t it feel good that you are contributing to saving your planet? It does!

By not using the electric-powered gate, you save on the greenhouse effect. When there are no fossil fuel sources used, there is no heat generation, and thus you save the environment.

You may not already be aware of it, but the US Government offers you some money back upon having a solar-powered gate opener. You can get a percentage of your project’s cost back from the Government. This law was signed into effect in December 2020.


Cons of Installing a Solar-Powered Gate

You Pay a Higher Installation Cost.

It doesn’t mean that you end up paying a significant amount of money on a solar-powered gate, but the cost remains slightly more than a normal automated gate. Also, there are

different options in solar gates, too, so the cost depends on which option you opt for.

It May Run Out of Power.

Solar-powered gates charge from the Sun, but if you have an entrance which you use a lot, it may run out of power. The power stored in the gate might not come enough when you

open and close the gate repeatedly. However, these gates can also be designed to operate on battery power once the solar power goes off.

Not All Properties Support Solar.

A solar gate works fine in a place where it can receive enough sunlight. Your property will need to be in a position where it receives the Sun most of the time. Only such properties can work efficiently for solar-powered gates; otherwise, it would be more of a hassle than a blessing.

When you install a solar-powered gate, consider the weather condition of your place too. Locations where it remains cloudy or rainy often should not be used for such use.