When is the Right Time to Get Your Automatic Gate Serviced?

There are driveway gates, and then there are automatic driveway gates. Automation helps the homeowners in many ways, and it keeps the process much easier. If you also have an automatic gate or an electric gate, you may be wondering when the right time to get it serviced is?

The answer depends on various questions, such as:

  • When was the last time you had it repaired?
  • How long it’s been since the gate is installed?
  • Is there any current malfunctioning you experience?

By answering such questions, you can come closer to the right answer.

Also, generally, a gate might need three to four repairs a year. It also depends on how much the gate is being used. An automatic gate needs repair even if it is not in use, so it keeps working and doesn’t sustain damage due to little to no usage.

When Does Your Automatic Gate Needs Service?

A gate, like as we mentioned before, needs repair or maintenance as per the manufacturers guidelines. Of course, a gate that is not used often would also need repair, but a frequently used gate would need more repairs.

This theory doesn’t just apply to the automatic gate but even the manual gates for the matter of their appearance and longevity. If an automatic gate needs heavy traffic or opens and closes all day, it would need at least two services a year. On the other hand, domestic gates which open and close about two to three times a day may only require service once a year.

That being said, commercial gates need more services than domestic gates. Hence the kind of property where the automatic gate is being used also becomes a factor that determines the frequency of services.

The Significance of Getting the Gates Serviced

Gates that are not maintained or serviced become prone to various issues, which, if ignored, can cost you signicantly more ata later date. If a gate is not maintained, it gets rusty, paint starts to peel, it can get jammed, and may also produce a squeaking sound while opening or closing.

Weather elements have a significant impact on the gates as they are installed outside, bearing the environment 24/7. That is why not just for the apparent reason, a gate needs maintenance for proper functionality.

A gate or driveway gate which is serviced regularly can serve you for decades without any complications. Spending on maintenance comes as a wiser choice than spending when the gate starts malfunctioning. Maintenance ensures that the gate serves well in the long run and stays strong as a protective shield for your property.

It is important to hire an experienced team working in the gate installation and maintenance business. An expert conducts various tests and analyses the structure to determine all the possible problems. This ensures checking every component of the unit from gate posts, hinges to leaves, and other essential parts.

So, if you have an automatic gate to which you want to ensure good functionality, make sure you hire the experts at Advanced Fences and get it done right.