Gate Operators

Gate operators often referred to as automatic gate openers are used in many applications ranging from residential use to commercial applications as well. Automatic gate openers open and shut to allow traffic or visitors access adding more security so only you and a select few are able to enter the property.

The most common type of electric gate openers are swing arm gates, sliding gates and barrier gates. Deciding which type of system is best for your property will require a qualified gate company such as Advanced Fences to help. It is very important to consider the layout of the property and how the gate will need to move. Space requirements will have a great deal of impact to this decision. The traffic that will come and go through the gate is another important consideration.




Chain Link Driveway Gate
Chain Link Driveway Gate

A variety of factors and options will affect the cost of your operator system. Advanced Fences offers automatic gate opener systems that are powered by solar or electric for commercial or residential applications. The pricing will vary based upon how many cycles the gate operator is rated for. How many times will the gate open each and every day as well as what is the size and weight of the gate it will open. The control board that comes with the gate operator will impact pricing as well since all control boards are not created equally. Programmability is an important factor in addition to it be user friendly. Quality of construction and warranty of the operator system are all things to be considered.

Advanced Fences only offers quality systems that have a proven track record of reliability. We have all types of automatic driveway openers we offer as solutions for our clients. Advanced Fences features gate operators that are made in the USA that are quality manufactured and built to last.

Advanced Fences proudly offers the following brand gate openers for you to choose from:

Allomatic Gate Operators

U. S. Automatic Gate Operators

Eagle Gate Operators

Driveway Gate Options

Dependent on your needs and what your considering, Advanced Fences has many additional options to customize your driveway gate to your requirements. Proper gate design and functionality are very important when deciding what gate opener will be your best choice. Advanced Fences can help you plan your driveway gate to have the proper gate opener for your specific needs in addition to the options you may want. Give us a call to schedule a consultation for your residential or commercial automatic driveway gate system.

Gate Accessories

• Digital Keypads • Phone Systems • RFID Readers • Proximity Card Reader

Gate Options

• Timers • Mag Locks • MYQ • Receivers • Solar Panels

Loop Systems

• Exit Loop Detectors • Photo Eyes • Exit Wand